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"They were nothing short of absolutely amazing!"

Our Team

Michael "Big Show" Castine

Owner, DJ

Mike first started DJing at small weddings and events for close friends and family armed only with a raw skill set, an MP3 player and the cheapest set of speakers and microphone he could afford. Mike’s natural ability to announce and entertain flourished and he quickly discovered that his skills were in demand. Mike based his approach on the premise that being a DJ isn’t  just about playing songs; it requires the versatility to act as an eloquent MC for the introductions and formalities, while knowing exactly what it takes to read a room and keep everyone dancing. As he branched out to larger events and venues (and better equipment!), Mike recognized the demand for wedding and event services where performance and attention to detail are a must. It was this realization that led to the formation of Big Show Productions.


At his core, Mike believes that combining professionalism with preparation (and a dash of the extraordinary), allows Big Show Productions to create an atmosphere that is rarely rivaled in our industry. With an outsized personality and warmth that is only matched by his size and strength, Michael “Big Show” Castine invites you to create an experience that will leave your guests wishing the night will never end, and ensuring that the memories will never fade.

Ryan Kerner


The first employee ever hired by Big Show Productions, Ryan is one of our rising stars. Originally hired as an assistant to help set up and tear down equipment, Ryan is now headlining his own events as one of our premier DJs. Possessing a knowledge of music that belies his age, Ryan is able to blend all musical genres to create a crowd first experience. Whether you choose him because of his love of music, his chiseled features, or for his rocking hot body from years as a personal trainer, DJ Ryan Kerner will provide you with an experience that will have every person at your wedding on the dance floor.
Jason Borrie

Master of Ceremonies

It is with great pleasure that Big Show Productions introduces our preeminent Master of Ceremonies, Jason Borrie. For over 20 years, Jason has performed in theatrical productions across the Northeast as well as founding, directing and acting in his own improv comedy troupe. It is this unrivaled skill set that Jason brings to all of his events, as he is able to effortlessly inject energy and humor into any setting. Jason's passion is infectious and he has the unique ability to make everyone feel welcome, relaxed and connected. Jason's attention to detail and timing have been honed by his years on the stage, and he ensures that your event runs smoothly from beginning to end. Never one to shy from the spotlight, let Jason Borrie be your man behind the mic.
Renée Castine

Co-Owner, Videographer, Photo Booth

If Mike is the face of Big Show Productions, then his wife Renée is the beating heart. With a commanding presence and tireless work ethic, Renée flows effortlessly from one task to another. Renée combines creativity, an outgoing personality and her organizational skills to assist in almost every facet of the business. She possesses a quiet strength that both calms and reassures clients on what is often the most important day of their lives. When she isn't multi-tasking for Big Show Productions, she teaches, helps run the family farm, and raises her two beautiful daughters (and one larger than life husband). It is difficult to imagine that Big Show Productions would be as successful without her continued presence, and it's no wonder that a former client claimed "she personifies absolute class and grace."
Ryan Wood


One of the newest additions to the Big Show Productions family is videographer Ryan Wood. Drawing on his years of experience as a professional photographer, videography has been a natural extension for Ryan's innate creativity. While photography allowed Ryan to capture the beauty of a single moment, videography enables him to capture the true pulse of your event: the hushed sounds, the subtle movements and the unbridled emotions. With Ryan as your videographer, you will forever have a window into the past that can be cherished by your family for generations to come. 
Kayla Nason

Photo Booth

The radiant Ms. Kayla Nason has been operating the photo booth at Big Show Productions for over 2 years. With her easy-going and gregarious personality, it's easy to see why clients have been raving about our photo booth services for years. Kayla leverages her experience as an educator to engage even the most hesitant of guests and the results are equally hilarious and heart-warming. By capturing moments of light-hearted fun, Kayla is instrumental in creating the perfect memento of your wedding celebration.
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